Our philosophy

To us, communication isn’t simply about shouting as loudly as you can, or about breaking through the sound barrier of an increasingly chaotic media landscape at any cost.

To us, communication is about credibility. About substance. About setting agendas. Within the world of culture, business, politics – and in society as a whole.

Our client list is versatile, and our main fields of expertise are development of storytelling, strategic development of brands, digital and social media, experience-based communication, and direct media contact.

Three decades’ worth of experience has made us one of the leading communications agencies in Scandinavia, and over the course of a year we handle about 150 projects.

We qualify the stories of our clients and ensure that they have an impact in the public sphere. We popularize substance, and we ensure media interest, whether a project is high or low profile. We navigate safely and determined through the media landscape, and we guarantee visibility that creates added value – and visibility that makes a difference.

What we do


The original core service, which continues to be one of our main fields of expertise. We ensure visibility on all platforms for our clients, and we always lay out individual strategies for each project.


We analyze the communicative potential of a project, define its storytelling and develop implementable strategies, which ensure results – both in the short and the long term.


We conceptualize, implement and run events, which strengthen internal cohesion and create wide visibility externally. Our expertise is particularly strong within award shows.


We develop social media and online marketing strategies, and we produce digital content – especially videos. This is highly efficient when combined with PR, as this can create great visibility and sales synergies.



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